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Book Writing Services

What's your story? Do you have something to say but you've been talking yourself out of it? Just as everyone has been given unique talents that set them apart from the ordinary, you indeed have a powerful story inside that the world needs to experience. J. Harp Media's book writing services can get you several steps closer to materializing that vision. Published author does have a good ring to it, right?

Let us help you find your voice...

Proofreading and Editing

No judgement. Grammar usage and mechanics isn't everybody's thing. We can correct, edit, and remove errors from your finished product. See? Polished and professional.

Content Development

Stuck on starting but you want to be finally finished? We got you on everything from concept generation, story mapping, outlining, to continuity. J. Harp will assist in giving your composition the substance and appeal you can be proud of. 


From idea in your head to draft in your hand, your "published author" fairy godmother is here. After careful collaboration and planning, we'll execute the entire vision for the book in your voice, with our pen. 

Contact Us

Whether fiction, autobiographies, novels, memoirs, or non-fiction essays we can help bring power to your pages with our professional writing services. Contact us today for a free consultation and a customized proposal based on your unique needs.


Phone: 804-446-1157 

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